We talk about us….

Cotignac mon village de france, facebook community, honors us with a video on our gallery.

Here is the video of the PACO COMO art gallery, an American artist, painter who likes to photograph… A French photographer who likes to paint…

The mixture of these two arts gives you a magical place where intimacy and workshop mix.

Colleen, and Patrice, very sensitive to the wild animals of Africa and particularly to the fate reserved for bonobos, like all antithropoid monkeys, the bonobo, is a species particularly threatened because of its exclusive distribution in a region ravaged by the wars to which it add deforestation, diamond mining and hunting for its meat.

Populations have declined drastically over the past 30 years.

Many associations exist to help this massacre, in order to warn public opinion…

Take advantage of your visit to Cotignac to visit the workshop.

Art workshop

28 rue du Marais


Gallery : www.pacocomo.com

Shop : www.pacocomo.fr

Fb : paco [email protected]

See you soon in Cotignac


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