Tiger day

Today July 29, for International Tiger Day, I present to you some photos of the feline taken when I was staying in Nepal in the early 2000s

Operational hide

After a month of work, the hide is finally operational and I can start working…. and the first shots are encouraging….

Project hide on waterhole

Realization of my dream, a hide at the water’s edge to photograph the animals as close as possible

Project made possible on the land of our friend in the Grietje nature reserve in South Africa

Arrival in South Africa

From winter to summer, arrival in South Africa, at our friend’s house in the Grietje nature reserve. Our first visitor was not long in coming, came to get the ripe Marula fruits.

Ink making training by Colleen

Incredibly talented artist, Colleen, has been sharing her knowledge of ancient ink making methods… Iron Gall Ink.
Nature is so amazing! Gall wasps lay a single egg on a leaf bud. The larvae secretion changes the chemistry where a protective gall nut is formed around the larvae instead of a leaf. When it’s ready, the wasp will burrow it’s way out of the nut, leaving a little hole (swipe to see an example).
We’re surrounded by lots of oaks and collect little galls (with holes in them) that we’ve found on the forest path.
These galls contain a lot of tannin, and have been used to make ink since the Roman Empire, and from the middle ages until the twentieth century.